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Are you wondering to yourself, why become a registered nurse? If you've been thinking about nursing for some time you may have a nurturing side of your personality that means you enjoy helping people and taking care of them. You may also have an aptitude for science and medicine and find these things fascinating. But as rewarding and challenging as nursing is, many ask themselves, why become a registered nurse? This is because it's also tiring, sometimes frustrating, and yes, downright sad when a patient passes away or faces a terrible medical condition. These things can be difficult for even the most seasoned veteran of nursing to handle! So, why become a registered nurse? Why consider this field in the first place?

If you're asking yourself, why become a registered nurse, remember that there are very few careers that are as challenging. No two days are ever going to be the same. You may wind up doing some tasks over and over again such as taking vital signs and drawing blood, but you'll be dealing with different patients and different medical conditions every single time! This is unlike any office job or any other career you could have that becomes very routine, very quickly. So, why become a registered nurse? If you're looking for something different and challenging and that "keeps you on your toes" every minute of the day, you have your answer! There really is no other career choice like it.

But there are other answers to the question, why become a registered nurse. In the field of nursing you really and truly do help people in ways unlike any other career. While there may be some disappointing cases and some that make you sad, there are also many cases where you see patients get better and go home healthier and happier than before. Of course, the question of why become a registered nurse is going to depend upon you and what you're looking for by way of a nursing career. Why are you considering it in the first place? What about medicine and patient care appeals to you? The answer for one potential nurse is going to be different than the answer another might have, so take some time and really consider the profession overall. No doubt you'll be glad with your answer of why become a registered nurse.

Male Nurses

"In the end of the day, when I go home, I know I made a difference"

Although our first image when we think about a nurse is a female nurse, more and more men are also discovering the nursing career may be their calling. This is a career where they have the gratification knowing they have spent their day helping other people. They also know they can easily find jobs, and have flexible hours. They can work in shifts and spend more time home with their family, and yet have a decent salary.

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