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The aim of this article is to give you some type of guidance in narrowing your choice of a Nursing School based on some statistical parameters. While ranking could be an important determinant yet the choice need not and could not be based on it alone for there are a number of other considerations as geographical location, the tuition fee and other particular facilities you may want. Thus, it is possible a number one school in this ranking may not rank as number one in your choice, but we believe it would figure in your consideration of the choice which you rank as number one based on your needs.


The US News conducts once in three years a study based on survey method in which the rankings are decided through a peer review based on five criteria. These five criteria, namely, Marginal (1) Adequate (2) Strong (3) Good (4) and Outstanding (5) are evaluated according to the responses given by those chosen for such a survey, which consists of obtaining answers from more than one dean, administrators and faculty members of institutions. In case they do feel that they do not have adequate backing knowledge to evaluate a school, they were asked to choose the option 'don't know'. The chosen institutions must have obtained NLNAC accreditation.

The other authentic source is the rankings carried out by the National Institute of Health (NIH), which is singularly based on the research grant allocated to individual nursing schools. Since 2005, it provides information only based on Web tool that allows anybody interested to decide based on the dollars awarded to any school or department. For those who are keen in obtaining further information, they may please visit NIH Website.

Top 25 Graduate Nursing Schools in 2007 -
US News and World Rating

  1. University of Washington - Seattle, Washingto.
  2. University of California SF - San Francisco, California.
  3. University of Pennsylvania - Philadelphia, Pennsilvenia.
  4. Johns Hopkins - Baltimore, Maryland.
  5. University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill - Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
  6. University of Michigan- Ann Arbor - Ann Arbor, Michigan.
  7. Oregon Health and Science University - Portland, Oregon.
  8. University of Illinois - Chicago - Chicago, Illinois.
  9. University of Maryland - Baltimore - Baltimore, Maryland.
  10. University of Pittsburgh - Main Campus- Pittsburgh, Maryland.
  11. Yale University - New Haven, Conneticut.
  12. UCLA - Los Angeles, California.
  13. University of Iowa - Iowa City, Iowa.
  14. Case Western Reserve - Cleveland, Ohio.
  15. Duke University - Durham, North Carolina.
  16. Indiana University -Purdue U. - Indiana, Indiana.
  17. University of Colorado - Denver - Denver, Colorado.
  18. Columbia University - New York, New York.
  19. Rush University - Chicago, Illinois.
  20. University of Texas - Houston - Houston, Texas.
  21. University of Texas - Austin - Austin, Texas.
  22. University of Virginia - Charlottesville, Virginia.
  23. University of Wisconsin - Madison - Madison, Wisconsin.
  24. Vanderbilt University - Nashville, Tennessee.
  25. University of Rochester - Rochester, New York.


It may be noted that these are not the only ones that provide such information. For instance, some other sites as OEDb, The Princeton Review, Students to mention simply a few.

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