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If you're an RN and are looking to advance your education, you may be curious about RN to MSN programs; what they offer, how long they take, and so on. Wanting to advance your degree can be a great way to experience a field of nursing that you might not otherwise; those with an MSN or Master's of the Science of Nursing include a Nurse Practitioner, a Clinical Nurse Specialist, a Certified Nurse-Midwife, and a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist. Following RN to MSN programs will mean that you can expand your services and experiences in nursing to become a clinical educator, research assistant, expert clinician, nurse executive, and even health policy consultant. These are all rewarding and challenging ways to use your degree in nursing! But let's clear up some common questions about RN to MSN programs so you know what to expect.

How long will you need to study before you can expect your master's degree? Most RN to MSN programs take about three years but of course this will depend upon your program and your own rate of study. Getting a master's degree takes about that long for anyone, so this is to be expected. If you take classes part-time then of course it will be longer for you, and there may be some variance according to the institution you choose.

Many RN to MSN programs require classroom presence but some offer a good deal of their curriculum online. Many also offer a blended setting, meaning that you take many courses online and then spend some time in the classroom or lab in addition to your online work. This can be helpful to those who are already working or may not be able to devote their entire schedule to schooling.

Whatever your situation and level of education, keep in mind that the number of RN to MSN programs offered has about doubled in the past few years. This is because nurses are in high demand and those with more education are in even more demand! This should give you something to think about when making your decision. Nursing in any setting is a wonderful and rewarding occupation, but RN to MSN programs mean that you can enjoy even more fulfillment as you enjoy even greater challenges. And since those with an MSN degree are in greater demand, this means more job security as well!

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