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A lot of people get confused with having a nursing degree and becoming a Registered Nurse (RN). It may be due to the fact that some people become RNs before they get their BSN degree. In some countries the only nursing degree offered is a BSN degree. Students study for 4 years in universities in order to become a nurse in the future. While in other countries, the RN to BSN Curriculum is offered to professional nurses.

Getting a Bachelorís Degree in Nursing is a great career advantage as most hospitals now prefer to hire nurses who have a BSN degree. For Registered Nurses who want to become to have a Bachelorís Degree, they often would take up BSN later in their career. The RN to BSN curriculum is offered in a lot of nursing schools. A lot of nurses, who want to enhance their knowledge, go up in their professional career and get further education take up BSN after they become professional nurses. There are also online BSN degrees that they undergo to become a BSN graduate.

RNs need to study different nursing courses to become BSNs. Here are the courses that are included in the RN to BSN Curriculum:

  • Nursing and medical ethics. In the curriculum, nurses will learn more about the nursing and medical ethics. They will dig deeper into the subject in the BSN curriculum.
  • Nursing Leadership and Management. This is one of the key subjects in the BSN degree. Nurses here will be taught on the different roles of a leader and how to manage a team of nurses. Leadership and management subjects will prepare a nurse for career advancement as well as administrative roles in health care institutions.
  • Health maintenance. Since there is now emphasis on diseases prevention and health promotion, the RN to BSN curriculum now has subjects pertaining to them. Nurses are taught on how to prevent diseases, prevent the spread infections, promote health and achieve the optimum level of health.
  • Research subjects. Since the BSN curriculum is designed for nurses who want to enhance their studies and advance their career, research subjects are a big part of the curriculum. Different kinds of researches are conducted to help prepare nurses for their masterís degree and even doctorate degrees. There are also financial assistance offered by the government for people to study nursing.

The RN to BSN curriculum is a popular choice for nurses these days. A lot of hospitals now prefer to hire BSNs so previous RNs should study and become BSN graduates. Some people can get financial assistance as their health care institutionís offers them. If you want to enhance your career as a nurse then getting your Bachelorís Degree in Nursing is a must.

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