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Expectations from a Registered Nurse Salary

The need for nurses has never been this demanding and this trend will likely continue as the world suffers a desperate need for qualified healthcare professionals to render services in the field of medicine. Alternatively, expectations from a registered nurse salary run high as several vacancies exist in most advanced countries.

It has been projected that by the year 2018, roughly 500,000 nurses will be needed to fill in jobs as additional support in the healthcare system; the number only translates to the United States. The said figure is a far cry from the current situation wherein just a handful of individuals prefer to enroll in the field of Nursing and because of the perceived exorbitant costs to be spent and issues focused on the gory details about dealing with illness and death, the number of aspiring nurses have dwindled except in third world countries like the Philippines and India but even with the boom in Nursing, the problem remains with the quality of work these nurses produce; that is why the salary of a registered nurse equates to the number of certifications held, the exams pursued and passed as well as the number of years in the service plus the specialty.

According to a study made by the Bureau of Labor Statistics as of May 2009, the annual registered nurse salary, at an average, pegged at about $66,530 while the lowest wage recorded was nearly around $43,970; the highest was a whopping $93,700. As mentioned earlier, the figures markedly depend on the perceived status of the nurse. For the ones who are working at the hospital where most nurses are employed, they can rake in as much as 67,740 annually while those who prefer earning a living in doctorsí clinics or offices get $67,290 in a year.

Undoubtedly, nurses can work on different jobs; the ones who prefer rendering outpatient care facility services still get paid handsomely as these nurses enjoy a $65,690 paycheck, the ones providing home healthcare services at $63,300 and the RNs in nursing care centers receive $59,320.

Interestingly, even if the given figures are already outstandingly high, there are other nurses who fare better. The Bureau of Statistics has not failed to mention in their study that the nurses who tinker with medical equipment as well as those engaged in the manufacturing of medical supplies earn $77,870 on the average.

It should be understood that the nurses who earn a lot do not get those kinds of wages if not for their academic degrees. Apart from being recognized with their RN status, these nurses have painstakingly enrolled in graduate or doctorate programs in order to get the salary they deserve. Additionally, the differences in salary may also be seen per country and in the case of the United States, per state.

Registered nurse salary is clearly high in California where their nurses earn $85,080 on the average with Massachusetts trailing at $81,780 yearly. The third highest spot is Hawaii giving their nurses an average of $80,020 annually.

To wrap, registered nurse salary can be perceived as a well-paying profession but despite these, the gravity of the responsibility and accountability involved in the care of limb and life should not to be dismissed. People enter hospitals, clinics, rehabs, centers and other healthcare institutions because they want to be taken care of in the most sensible and competent way there is.

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