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Nursing is a profession that entails a lot of responsibility: there are a lot of job responsibilities and you need to be patient and understanding at all times. A responsible professional nurse at job will need to stay alert at all times. As a nurse, you need to be committed to your profession and be open to different kinds of patients. Before becoming a professional nurse, you need to be prepared for all thatís in store for you. This is why students go into pre nursing programs: to help prepare for the life of a nurse.

There are now a lot of universities that offer pre nursing programs to students. This is where they get a birdís eye view on what nursing is all about. A lot of universities prefer that you take up some courses before going into the baccalaureate program for nurses. Nursing is a complex profession that students need to be oriented before going into the nursing course. The courses can also help students decide if they really want to major in nursing. Students can assess themselves and see if nursing is a good fit for them.

anatomy course The most extensive
Human Anatomy & Physiology Course

Learn everything you need to know as a professional nurse about Human Anatomy and Physiology.

There are a variety of courses offered to students in pre nursing programs. Here are the basic concepts taught to students:

  • Basic Biology. Students are introduced to the basic concepts of Biology. There must be an accompanying laboratory classes for students.
  • Nutrition. It is an essential part to pre nursing studies as nurses are always asked by patients on what foods they can consume. Student nurses must be oriented with the foundations of nutrition.
  • Anatomy and Physiology of the human body. Different structures and functions of various body systems are taught to students. They get to see how the human body works as a system.
  • Chemistry. The human bodyís chemistry is the focus of the course. Students get to learn what the body is made up of. It is often accompanied with laboratory experiments and discussions.
  • Psychology. Students get to learn the different personalities, growth development and various psychiatric theories.
  • Math and Statistics. Students need to refresh their basic math and learn how to do basic statistics for future research.
  • Exposure to clinical areas where they get to see nurses in action. Students get to observe the different responsibilities and see how nurses function in actual settings.

Pre nursing programs can definitely help students who are thinking of taking up nursing. Nursing is wide field where you can specialize in different areas. You can be a pediatric nurse and help care for children. Oncology nurses take care of patients with cancer. There are many career options in nursing and one thing is for sure, you wonít ever get bored with nursing. You get to meet different people everyday and learn how to take care of them. Take up pre nursing programs if you want to learn more about nursing. You can get an idea and see if nursing is the career for you.

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