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Paramedic to RN Bridge Program

Paramedic to RN Bridge Program

Paramedics are professionals trained to makes critical decision on immediate medical treatment needed in cases of an emergency. The work of paramedics is characterized by a lot of pressure, long and very demanding shifts, and risks. However, the scope of training and the procedures that a paramedic can perform are limited. Therefore, for those who want to broaden their training and responsibilities while staying in the healthcare field, and maybe also sometimes take off some of the pressure of the work, the prospect of changing their profession to nursing can be appealing.

For these paramedics, the option of enrolling to a Paramedic to RN Bridge Program can be a good idea. Such a program will grant a certified paramedic an associate degree in nursing or a bachelor's degree. After graduating from the program, you are permitted to work in nursing facilities, leading hospitals or medical clinics as a registered nurse. The program is available in numerous institutions across United State both locally and online.

There are of course a few requirements a paramedic must meet in to qualify for registration to a Paramedic to RN Bridge Program. These requirements will usually include:

  • Must have a high school diploma
  • Must be either a certified or licensed paramedic
  • Most institutions will require the applicant to have a minimum GPA of 2.5 from their training as paramedics.
  • Copies of endorsed transcripts and ACT OR SAT results.
  • Minimum of one year as a paramedic

Other institution might also require taking prerequisite courses, like anatomy, physiology and introductory nursing. Additionally, you might also have to take a course in human growth and development.

If the above requirements are met enrolling for this program becomes very straightforward. Once you have being enrolled, the duration of study will range from one to two years. In addition to class work you will be required to some internship in a health care organization. The internship is aimed at giving you some practical experience in a health institution as a professional.

After graduating, it is a requirement that you sit for the NCLEX-RN test. The NCLEX-RN test is an in depth nursing test that every nursing student across the United States has to pass in order to get to the registered nursing licensure.

When training for the program leading to associate of science in nursing, you will be taught how to work with physicians and other medical professionals. The courses offered in this program include pharmacology, healthcare systems, medical-surgical nursing, health and nutrition, healthcare ethics, microbiology, child health nursing and advanced nursing concepts.

Those who want to further their nursing training can proceed to a Bachelor of Science in nursing. However, they must have completed EMT-P from an accredited institution. Other courses that might be required before enrolling include social, behavioral and natural sciences. Courses that will be covered under this program include pharmacology, patient assessment and medication prescription.

Most paramedics going into nursing will prefer the Paramedic to RN Bridge Program, as it is shorter than and not as intensive as regular RN programs. Another advantage is that these programs are offered both online and locally, making them very convenient. Additionally, the program is not as expensive as a regular RN course. However, others feel that the bridge programs make them miss some vital information studied in the first years of regular nursing programs.

With an online paramedic to RN bridge program, there is no class attendance. However, there will be academic advisors throughout to guide you through the entire learning. The academic advisor will give you tips ranging from management to study and to test taking. Additionally, you will have a complete support network where you will be provided with interactive feedbacks. It is also very cheap and convenient.

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