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As a nursing professional, if you are interested in pursuing a career in research, administrative positions in the health field or would like to delve deep into advanced clinical practices, then the right area of higher education for you is to opt for a PhD (doctoral) program in nursing. Since PhD in nursing takes anywhere between four and six years, you have to commit real time and resources to the pursuit of online PhD nursing programs. Substantial amount of time would be consumed in the research, preparation and completion of the dissertation topic which also demand evidence based proofs to defend your findings.

These programs, however, offer you vast choices in regard to the choice of specialization. A doctor of nursing (PhD) program on-line has a heavy bias in research, which demands rigorous research from the students in the areas of advanced health care delivery and nursing practices. By acquiring a phd in nursing, they are acknowledged as scholars in the field.

Online PhD nursing programs available

There are several types of doctoral nursing programs offered online. Following you can find the program description of some of them:

PhD in Nursing:

This program is offered, for example by Phoenix university, which describes it as follows:

The Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing degree program offered by University of Phoenix provides learners who hold a master’s degree in nursing an opportunity to improve the delivery of quality health care by developing as a research, educator, administrator, and leadership within diverse global health care systems. Throughout the program, learners explore nursing through various lenses, with emphases on the ethical responsibilities in the field for developing strong communities and a knowledge-oriented workforce, and the role that collaboration and dialogue play in producing meaningful scholarship and effective leadership practice.

PhD in Health Administration:

This program is also offered by Phoenix University:
The Doctor of Health Administration (DHA) program prepares leaders to respond effectively to the dynamic and ever-changing health care industry. These individuals will have a capacity to critically examine and evaluate issues and trends and feel empowered to influence the destiny of the health care system.

PhD in Health Services:

This program description of this program is taken from Walden University:
Through Walden’s Ph.D. in Health Services program, you can gain the skills and experience needed to help prepare you for leadership positions in healthcare administration and policy in a variety of public and private healthcare settings. You can learn to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare policy, broaden your knowledge of healthcare ethics and law, and engage in scientific inquiry to advance research and practice in health services. You also can be prepared to meet the challenges of today’s healthcare system and to lead and inform the dialogue about key health services issues.

Ph.D. in Public health:

This program, also available in the University of walden, is described as:
A program set to increase your influence in the critical arena of public healthcare, and focuses on community health, including medical, political, and economic factors.

PhD in Nursing Practice (DNP)

This program is described by the University of Massachussetts as follows:
Today's complex health care environment has created an extraordinary demand for nurses educated at a level of increasing responsibilities and capabilities. In response to this need, the American Association of Colleges of Nursing has endorsed that advanced practice nurses be prepared with a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree by the year 2015.
Our Doctor of Nursing Practice program is ahead of the curve in its comprehensive clinical design and advanced practice approach, delivered through flexible online coursework with our expert faculty. Build the cutting-edge skills you need to manage and lead health care systems, evaluate and apply research, and reduce barriers to care as you promote better patient outcomes and spur progress toward a more effective and sustainable health care system. Many other Universities offer similar online PhD nursing programs.

Quality of Online Doctoral Programs

A research conducted by Debra Woodard Leners, PhD, RN, PNP, CNE, Vicki W. Wilson, PhD, RN, and Kathleen L. Sitzman, MS, RN, was set to evaluate the quality of learning and students' satisfaction from online PhD nursing programs. The research was performed in the online Nursing PhD program in Northern Colorado, and gave the following insights:

  • Students deem online doctoral study rigorous and challenging.
  • Meaningful, enriching, and frequent online contact between faculty and students indicate the potential for life-long mentoring relationships.
  • Student interaction through email and online chat rooms has engendered close collaborative and supportive peer relationships.
  • Online doctoral study has enhanced the academic environments of the institutions where the students currently teach.
(This study was published in NLN's peer-reviewed journal, Nursing Education Perspectives, under the title: "Twenty-first Century Doctoral Education: Online with a Focus on Nursing Education," Nov.-Dec., Vol. 28, No. 6).

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