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Choosing Between Nursing Schools:
Where Should You Study?

Choosing the school in which you are going to do your nursing studies is one of the biggest choices a nursing student has to make. It may influence her career path, as not every school has all the relevant programs, and each program may have different strong and weak points or emphasis. It will certainly have a big influence on the student's life during the studies.

How do you choose your school? Some people will opt for a school considered in the "top" by some nursing schools list. Others will have more pragmatic considerations, as which school has the exact program they would like to follow (some schools will not have a nursing BSN program, or a LPN program, etc.). For some, the first consideration would be the city or state of the school, as they may be tied up by their spouse's life choices, or the considerations of other family members. For the younger students, the campus atmosphere and student life may be one of the big considerations.

Remember, no school can be considered the "best" for every one. Each person has his own circumstances and priorities.

We have gathered here (and are still gathering, as this list is in no way complete), a list of nursing schools, adding a few words about each of them that hopefully will give you some feeling of the school. You can look up schools in our schools directory, or seach for schools in a certain area in our schools by state lists. You may also be interested in our list of online nursing schools for schools which offer distant learning programs.

Although, as stated above, we do not believe a certain school can be the best for everyone, we did add here an article about the top nursing schools. You may also be interested in the article Why Be Concernced About the Top Nursing Schools.

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