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The noble profession of nursing is in acute shortage of diligent personnel to perform the services. The Health Resources and Services Administration in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services introduced the Nursing Scholarship Program (NSP) to help eager but needy students to complete their nursing degrees at certain hospitals and healthcare facilities. The eligible student signs a two-year contract with the particular hospital which makes it mandatory for the qualified nurse to work at the same place for two years. Thereafter he or she can expand his or her horizon and join other institutions or healthcare facilities.

Who is eligible to apply for the NSP?

Only US citizens, who are born or naturalized or are lawful permanent resident, are allowed to avail this opportunity. The applicant must have been enrolled as full time or part time student in either an associate degree school of nursing, or in a collegiate school of nursing or in a diploma school of nursing. The above mentioned school of nursing must be in a state, in the District of Columbia or within a U.S. Territory.

Where to apply?

Among the many facilities enabling such scholarships the CampusRN Scholarship Program awards $2,500 to one student from each of the regions mentioned in their website. The regions cover the Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, South Central, Mountain area and Pacific region of the United States. Their scholarship is applicable to the affiliated nursing colleges and universities in these regions. To find out more visit the website CampusRN.

The last day for accepting applications in the NSP for the year 2012-2013 was the 8th of May 2012. New applications for the year 2013-2014 course may be submitted on the dates given in the Application and Program Guidance in the HRSA Website. The conditions are made clear that the eligible student must be willing to work in a Critical Shortage Facility for at least two years after completion of the degree study. The NSP applications are done online and should be complete information with supporting documents sent through PDF.

The Minority Nurse Website is another source to learn about 'hand-picked' nursing school scholarships available in the U.S. The site - Minority Nurse - requires the student to create an account and then browse through the many possibilities out there. This process makes it easy for the student to find the right scholarship program to suit his or her circumstances. The site has all the relevant information and answers to all questions arising in a potential nursing scholarship applicant.

Another site that guides the applicant through each step to applying for nursing school scholarships programs is the Nursing Scholarships. Information regarding tuition fees, colleges, employment, scholarships and grants, federal student financial aid etc. is all encompassed in this website. The deadline for new applications in some of the mentioned colleges varies; while some are still in the process of accepting new applications. One just needs to go through the details and find the most suitable scholarship program and apply online.

The Daughters of American Revolution or DAR offers scholarships to nursing students pursuing the degree course. The NSDAR grants scholarships for multiple years which are renewable every four years to students enrolled in accredited US colleges and universities. Their website - - has all the necessary information and guidelines for the eager nursing student.

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