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Modern health science is based on acquiring and using a lot of information: General information about medical procedures and processes, and information about the various medical data collected for each patient. All this information has to be collected, stored and managed in an effective way so that it can be used to efficiently to run healthcare facilities and give the right medical treatment to each of its patients.

The information science is an interdisciplinary science concerned with the collection, classification, storage and manipulation of information. Nursing informatics is the application of this science to the healthcare system.

Nurses with a nursing informatics degree are registered nurses who are skilled in three primary areas: computer science, information technology and nursing science. They will usually work in a consulting position in the information departments of hospitals or clinics, and also in insurance companies and consulting firms. The nursing informatics will be the facilitator between the technical and computerized systems and the medical healthcare staff. For this purpose the nurse with a nursing informatics degree has to be conversant in the languages of both technology and medicine.

One aspect of the job of nurse informatics is the training of other nurses in using the computer system of the hospital or clinic. The medical data collected should be entered correctly into the system in order to be used effectively in the treatment of the patient. The nurses should also know how to retrieve the right data in order to decide about medical procedures. For older nurses who were trained in the pre-computer days, this is a big and important transition, as many hospitals will work now in a paperless method where there are no more papers for charts, labs and other forms. It takes time to adapt to this new way, and nurse informaticists will help educate these nurses in using new technology.

Another responsibility of a nurse with a nursing informatics degree will be the introduction of new technology into the hospital or healthcare facility. The informatics nurse will be the person who will help design new systems by collecting the relevant data and analyzing what would be the best way to utilize it. The informatics nurse will also test the system during its developing stages to see it is working correctly. Once the system is ready, this same nurse will also be the person to educate all the members of the healthcare team on how to use this new system correctly.

A registered nurse can acquire a nursing informatics degree by following a specialized training course and passing the nursing informatics certification. In order to enter the nursing informatics training a nurse has to have a BSN or higher academic degree from an accredited school and also have a significant clinical experience working as a nurse. Genuine interest is also a must as you need to be interested in computers, technology and new software, and be an organized type of person who likes to organize data in an efficient way.

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