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When speaking about a nursing career, the first thing that comes to mind is working as a nurse in a hospital, taking patients temperature or bandaging their wounds. But the nursing profession goes far beyond that. A nurse has a vast number of nurse specializations and careers to choose from. Read here about some of the many options as working in the nursing profession one can choose from.

Anesthesia Nurse Programs In recent years nursing has become a booming and in demand profession. The advent of modern technologies and discoveries of new cures and diseases have opened the pathways to the many branches and specializations in nursing. Nursing schools have opened up and have adapted to the growing demands of nurse specialists. They now offer programs on specializations like anesthesia nurse programs, psychiatric nurse programs, geriatric nurse programs and many more... read more

Community Nursing Community Health Nursing is a field of nursing dealing with the health and well being of individuals, group, families and communities. Community health nursing often combines primary health care and nursing practice with public health nursing. Community health nurses are often called public health nurses... read more

Critical Care Nursing Programs Critical care nursing is a specialization in nursing where nurses care for patients critically ill or having life-threatening problems. A critical care nurse is a registered nurse who cares for patients that are acutely or critically ill patients and their family receive optimal care... read more

Emergency Nursing Emergency nursing is the nursing of patients in a state of emergency, or when the patient is in a critical stage of injury or illness. Emergency nurses will usually be working in a hospital emergency rooms, but are also needed in other urgent care settings. They may be part of the stuff in ambulances or helicopters. Sometimes sport events or prisons will also hire certified emergency nurses to be on call. They can. Their duties include patient assessment and diagnosis, tending to the patients wounds and injuries, taking vital signs and more... read more

Family Nurse Practitioner Programs Family nurse practitioners (FNP) are nurses who have a very wide range of care and can cater to a variety of patients. They can perform duties commonly done by a physician. The main focus of Family Nurse Practitioners is health promotion and illness prevention. They may provide general health care to all ages from newborns to elderly... read more

Forensic Nursing Programs: Embarking on a Different Journey In the past years, the world has perceived nursing as a profession that caters to the needs of sick and dying individuals in the hospital. Nurses are those donning the immaculately white uniforms or those wearing loose-fitting scrub suits similar to pajamas. Nonetheless, change is certain with the introduction of Forensic Nursing Programs... read more

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Geriatric Nursing Degree Geriatric nursing is a specialization in nursing which cares for older adults. As we grow older, our needs differ and we need a specialized kind of care, which can turn complicated later on. This makes Geriatric nursing a good area to specialize, as the population is grower older. Geriatric nursing care can be given in the patientís own home, hospitals, specialized institutions such nursing care homes... read more

Nurse Educator A nurse educator is a nursing professional who has decided to take on role of teacher. Working in both clinical and classroom settings, these nurses fill a critical need in the health care system as mentors, trainers, and role models for the next generation of nurses. read more

Nursing Informatics Degree Modern health science is based on acquiring and using a lot of information: General information about medical procedures and processes, and information about the various medical data collected for each patient. All this information has to be collected, stored and managed in an effective way so that it can be used to efficiently to run healthcare facilities and give the right medical treatment to each of its patients.... read more

Neonatal Nurse Schooling Neonatal Nursing is a recent field of specialization in nursing which deals with taking care of neonates (babies who are 0-28 days old). Because it is new, there is a great opportunity for nurses in this area of specialization... read more

Nursing in Schools Throughout your time in school, you have probably seen the school nurse a lot of times. It might be because of a headache, stomachache or whatever aches most children have. You might have gone to the nurse to get out of a quiz. For whatever reason, school nurses are a big part of most childrenísí life... read more

Oncology Nurse Certification Cancer is a modern disease that has affected millions of people across the globe. It is no wonder that there is now a specialized area of nursing catering to these patients. Taking care of cancer patients will mean meeting people in a time of great distress and need... read more

Pediatric Nursing Pediatric nursing means nursing of children, including newborns, babies, young children and adolescents. Pediatric nursing is a specialized nursing training: The nursing of young children and babies is different than that of adults... read more

Psychiatric Nursing Degree Psychiatric nursing is an area of specialization in nursing which deals with the prevention, care and cure of mental disorders. Psychiatric Nursing can be practice in a variety of places like hospitals, nursing care facilities, out patient facilities, ambulatory care clinics, health departments, private group practices, mental health agencies, mental health settings and long term care facilities... read more

Travel Nurse As a nurse, you have a chance to travel across the country and work as a travel nurse. Traveling from one city to another is exciting and you can work on different locations. Being a travel nurse has its advantages as you can travel to another place, get free accommodations and render your nursing services to patients who need you... read more

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