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Neonatal Nurse Schooling

Neonatal Nurse Schooling

Neonatal Nursing

Neonatal Nursing is a recent field of specialization in nursing which deals with taking care of neonates (babies who are 0-28 days old). Because it is new, there is a great opportunity for nurses in this area of specialization.

A Neonatal Nurse needs diligence and you must be a team worker. You need to work first and foremost with the neonates’ parents then neonatologists and other neonatal specialists to give the optimum level of care to your little patients.

Levels of Care in Neonatal Nurse Specialty

Level I - Caring for healthy infants. This is virtually non-existent these days due to the short stay of infants and mothers in hospitals. The average stay of mothers and neonates is usually 48 hours after delivery.

Level II - Special care nursery or Immediate care nursery. This has high demand because this level cares for premature and unhealthy infants. They need constant care and attention and may need supplemental oxygen and intravenous therapy for fluids and antibiotics. Some infants may need specialized feedings where a tube may be placed in the nose connected to the stomach (tube feedings). Other infants also need more time to mature before discharge.

Level III - Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). This where infants during their first 28 days of life are admitted who cannot be admitted in the other two levels. Nurses working here have most demanding job. Infants who are premature, severely ill, small birth weight who need high technology care like ventilators, incubators, surgery or other special equipments.

Neonatal Nurse Schooling

Before you think about going into Neonatal Nurse schooling, you must first examine yourself and yourself these questions:

  • Do I like taking care of babies?
  • Do I stay calm when facing emergencies?
  • Am I a team player and work well in a team?
  • Do I see my future self caring for sick babies ?

Here are some prerequisites in Neonatal Nurse Schooling (these may vary depending on the law of your country or state):

  1. A Bachelors Degree in Nursing (BSN) this usually takes 2-4 years to accomplish.
  2. You must a Registered Nurse (RN). You must pass the qualifications of the Board of Nursing that would allow you to practice nursing as a profession in that area.
  3. Years of experience required vary depending on the institution you apply in.
  4. Continuing education units may be requires by the state or country. The Board of Nursing sets the number of hours and certifications needed to become a Neonatal Nurse. You may have to take a test to be a certified neonatal nurse.
  5. Some hospitals may also require cardiopulmonary resuscitation, intravenous therapy training and other knowledge need for critical patient care.

If you are looking for a rewarding and heartwarming career in nursing this may be the specialization for you. You take care of the cutest patients in the word. There is nothing more rewarding than knowing that a tiny baby is reliant on you for an opportunity to develop and become a healthy individual. So enroll now and go into Neonatal Nurse Schooling.

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