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An LPN nurse is a Licensed Practical Nurse, sometimes referred to as an LVN – Licensed Vocational Nurse. To earn an LPN degree you follow a short program (in some places it will take only one year, others will have a 2-year program), and this degree is often used as an entry point into the nursing vocation, for people who want to check if this career suits them or want to start working quickly. It is also easier to get to these programs; the waiting lists are much shorter than those for a BSN or RN degree.

An LPN nurse can do the basic nursing functions like give injections, dress wounds, perform basic diagnosis tests or give bedside care for the sick. If you would like to advance your nursing career, or get a better salary, you should move on to become a Registered Nurse (RN), and this is were the LPN to RN programs come into play.

In order to become an RN you should usually complete your first degree (BSN), although it is possible to pass the NCLEX-RN tests if you have only an ASN degree. Completing an ASN degree may take 2 years, while a BSN program will take you 3-5 years, depending on the courses you have followed to get your LPN degree and on your clinical experience. Choosing between the two depends on your ultimate goal: If you are looking into more advancement in your career later, it is would probably be more beneficial to you to take the time and complete your bachelors’ degree. If your goal is only the salary or a limited advancement in your current job, the ASN degree would suffice.

As people looking for these programs are often already working as nursing, many nursing schools will offer to get this degree in an online format. Following the online LPN to RN programs has the advantage of learning from the comfort of your own home, paying less for your studies, and sometimes, if you have enough clinical experience, getting your degree in a shorter time. The online programs will usually be accompanied with online group discussions, forums, and video conferences so that you do not feel isolated while learning at home.

Some people prefer learning in a regular class setting. Not everyone is fit to study online, when you are responsible for your studies. It demands more concentration, and some people will just not get around to sit down and study if they to do not have the class environment. For these people it would be better to follow the more conventional LPN to RN programs, in a college or university settings. These programs will try to accommodate for working people, as most of their students will be already working nurses. Sometimes the courses will be concentrated in evenings or weekends.

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