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LPN Salary:
How Nurses Fare in the World of Wages

The salary range a nurse can expect to get will depend not only on the exact responsibility or job description. The salary range depends also very much on the academic title and type of nursing licensure. The average salary you can expect as a licensed practical nurse (LPN) is lower than what a registered nurse (RN) can expect to be offered, even when having the same duties. Other important factors are the kind of facility in which the work is taking place (a hospital, private clinic, nursing home etc.) and the geographic location.

The regular duties going with an LPN job would be duties of basic health care: to obtain the body temperature, respiratory and heart rate and the blood pressure levels of patients and similar functions. For those who are looking for career advancement, an LPN can be employed not only as the personnel for vital signs taking but also be the administrator. An administrator checks on the documents of patients and is accountable and responsible for maintaining the record and keeping it confidential. Although the LPN is under the supervision of the RN, LPNs also functions independently when executing primary nursing care like helping the patient eat, dress and bathe. In some cases, the preparation of drugs is also done by the LPN. This means more accreditation and usually means also higher salary for the LPN nurse. As mentioned above, another important factor influencing the LPN salary is the location of the work, whether it is a hospital, a nursing home or some other working situation. Apart from that, the travel nursing industry also offers opportunities for employment. Just recently, LPNs are also sought by independent agencies just to cover up for other workers in a temporary basis. The wage in such duties surprisingly is slightly higher than expected.

As disclosed by a survey of, the minimum LPN salary will be in the range of $31,496 to $43,323. As mentioned above, the geographical location, service years, type of facility worked for and even the hospital budget can affect the rate of the nurse. A concrete example of how geography plays a role when looking at the LPN salary range in Massachusetts. LPNs in MA earn around $35,483 to $48,848. When compared to the first figures given, the LPNs in MA are clearly given a higher wage, a $5000 range difference. Also, the cost of living and demand can spell the difference. Life in a bustling city is far different from a relatively peaceful and quiet suburban. Nurses in the metropolitan area considerably get higher wages as they have to thrive in high-cost living areas.

More concrete data is given by the studies made by the Bureau of Labor Statistics saying that the top three states giving the highest LPN hourly wage are Connecticut with $24.39, Massachusetts at $22.72 and wrapping the three is New Jersey with $22.5. Meanwhile the lowest three are North Dakota ($15.42), Missouri ($15.38) and Louisiana ($15.14).

Finally, if you want to venture in the career, do not get confused with other countries’ name for LPN. LPN stands for Licensed Practical Nurse. In some parts of the USA the term is LVN – Licensed Vocational Nurse. The British call them State Enrolled Nurses (SENs), Aussies and New Zealanders call them Enrolled Nurses (ENs) and Canadians as registered practical nurses (RPNs). All these different initials stand for the same level of nursing licensure.

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