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Forensic Nursing Programs:
Embarking on a Different Journey

In the past years, the world has perceived nursing as a profession that caters to the needs of sick and dying individuals in the hospital. Nurses are those donning the immaculately white uniforms or those wearing loose-fitting scrub suits similar to pajamas. Nonetheless, change is certain with the introduction of Forensic Nursing Programs.

Admittedly, Nursing is a holistic school of thought branched into several aspects. With the recent developments in the medical world as well as mushrooming of shows like CSI and Bones, Forensic Nursing has been looked at with a new perspective.

Nonetheless, the ideas pre-conceived can be partly true as forensic nurses cater to various specialty trainings particularly in criminal procedures like giving legal testimonies as well as collection of forensic evidence. Undeniably, with this aspect of Nursing, the nurses concerned become the missing link between the justice system and healthcare. With their keen analytical skills, nurses are able to send criminals out of the street and into the places they need to belong to while keeping families safer.

If a nurse thinks he or she fits the description of matching the need of someone who can help the police catch the bad guys as well as aid in facilitating the physical, psychological and emotional recovery of clients while acting as an effective advocate, then considering Forensic Nursing Programs is definitely a journey worth seeking. Furensic Nurse

For this new take on Nursing, a general nurse understands that specialization can only be achieved through rigorous training and exposure in the field. Thankfully, a great deal of schools and clinicians are more than willing to share such expertise. Additionally, the concept of forensic nurse is a general term used to express several specific fields such as Sexual Assault Nursing, Gerontology, Nurse Coroner or Death Investigation, Community Education, Correctional Nursing and Legal Nurse Consultation.

The versatility of these Forensic Nursing Programs is clearly laid out. To pursue such distinctive passion is to also understand that a significant amount of money must be shelled out for the completion of the course and the fee would also depend on the nursing school to be attended. Nonetheless, the painstaking sacrifice of time, money and all other resources will certainly be worth everything once you are recognized as a forensic nurse. Usually, it would take a minimum of two years to work on this accreditation.

A field of work that is highly regarded nowadays is being a Sexual Assault Nurse (SANE) which involves being able to take care of the evidence that should be collected within 72 hours from a patient suffering from a form of violence. Medico-legal interventions are but part of ongoing daily activities. With the career choice is a consequent and expected change in the salary. The options for the workplace is also broader as a forensic nurse can work not only in the hospital or clinic but also in law enforcement agencies and insurance companies.

Ultimately, the recent inception of Forensic Nursing Programs steadfastly promise a different angle on the current trends associated to nursing. The programs serve as reminders to how dynamic Nursing and nurses are supposed to be.

Acquiring a Forensic Nursing Degree Candidates desirous of pursuing a forensic nursing degree will acquire, in addition to being capable of performing regular nursing functions, also other nursing skills: gathering forensic evidence that would be used in crime analysis, preserving and documenting evidence while treating patients, etc. They will be also equipped professionally to counsel those who are affected by violent crimes in which they could have been subjected to assaults as well... read more

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