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A Nurse Practitioner (NP) is a Registered Nurse (RN) who has received additional training or education (usually a Masters Degree or Doctoral degree). A Bachelors degree in Nursing is needed to proceed in further studies in nursing. Nurse practitioners (also called advanced practice nurses or APN”S) have masters degree in (MS or MSN) and board certification (this may depend on the location you practice in.

Although a Nurse Practitioner performs similar tasks with physicians, one thing that makes them different is that they focus on patients as a whole and not just focus on the illness or injury. The basic core of nursing is caring and even if you become a Nurse Practitioner this does not stop.

Family nurse practitioners (FNP) are nurses who have a very wide range of care and can cater to a variety of patients. They can perform duties commonly done by a physician. The main focus of Family Nurse Practitioners is health promotion and illness prevention. They may provide general health care to all ages from newborns to elderly.

Family nurse practitioners (FNP) can work independently or autonomously and some run their own clinics. They can also work in hospitals, nurse practitioner offices, private offices, hospice centers, physician offices, nurse-managed health centers, health departments, health care agencies, nursing homes, schools, health maintenance organizations (HMOs), nursing schools and homes.

Most family nurse practitioners work as a registered nurse for a few years and later on study and enroll in family nurse practitioner programs. They go back to school to get their masters degree to become nurse practitioners. Then they choose a specialization. Here are some areas to specialize in:

  • Clinical Nurse Midwife – taking care of pregnant clients, labor and delivering babies
  • Clinical Nurse Anesthetist – administering anesthesia to patients (in surgery)
  • Clinical Nurse Specialist – provide specialized care to patients

There are many options and offers in various schools regarding family nurse practitioner programs. A lot of colleges have flexible and adaptable family nurse practitioner programs.

Online Family Nurse Practitioner Programs

Online nurse practitioner programs are offered by many schools and can be achieved through online courses you can study in your home and take some online courses to further advance your career in nursing. There are lot of online colleges that offers degrees and also specializations within the degree programs. Depending on the program you enrolled in, you can specialize in midwifery, adult care, education and many more.

The online family nurse practitioner program courses has no need to have face to face meet ups but this does not mean that you can set up your own pace. It is not an independent study but is an interactive, faculty-guided, structured curriculum but is in the convenience of your home and with the advantages of online technologies. After taking the needed courses, you need to take test to be certified Family Nurse Practitioner or in the area you specialize in.

The future for family nurse practitioners is bright. They are expected to be very in demand in the next 10 years. The more skills, specialization and training a nurse has the more in demand your skills will be in the health care profession.

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