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The nursing profession has been very much in demand for the past few years. The increased life span and modern health technologies have added to the increasing shortage of nurses. The demand for nurses with specializations, masters and doctorate in nursing are expected to rise in the future.

There have been many discussions regarding the need for a doctorate in nursing degree. A lot of people claim that nursing doctorate education is unnecessary and a medical degree would be a better area to take up. Some would agree, others would disagree but the fact remains that nurses with doctorate degrees are getting scarce.

With the current shortage of nurses, nurses with specialization, masters and doctorate in nursing are really lacking in number. There arenít enough nurses that qualify in taking up doctorate in nursing. With most students just on the way in getting a nursing degree, there are unqualified in getting a masters degree much less a doctorate in nursing.

If you are thinking of taking up Doctorate in Nursing, you must first think and decide what will you major in. here are the four degrees usually offered in the doctorate in nursing programs:

  • Nursing Doctorate (N.D.) or Doctor of Nursing programs prepares students for careers in clinical management. They are taught on how to manage, design systems, communication techniques, critical thinking and evidence-based decision making.
  • Doctor of Nursing Practice (D.N.P.) programs enhance the leadership skill; focuses on evidence-base practice and make, implement, manage and evaluate the health care delivery system and develop ways to improve it.
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) is the most common and traditional among the doctorate in nursing programs. It has a very broad range and general courses like research, nursing theory and nursing education is taught. The student can choose where they want to specialize in the subject they are interested in.
  • Doctor of Nursing Science (D.N.Sc.) programs are somewhat similar in nature with Ph.D. programs. This program focuses on research and education. It prepares nurses in dealing with health care situations and gives them additional knowledge for them to become quality nurses.

There are so many options and ways on how to earn a doctorate in nursing degree. You can study during weekends in nursing schools or have a more flexible schedule by taking online courses. There are so many nursing schools offering various schedules and specializations.

Before going into any doctorate in nursing programs, you must first search within yourself if this is what you really want. Getting a doctorate degree may take up 3 to 5 years of your time not to mention the effort you put into your education. You need to be determined and sure that you really feel that this is for you. Scout and see what schools offer before enrolling in their program.

If you feel up to the task of schooling and going deeper in nursing, then doctorate in nursing may be a good fit for you. With the demands for nursing going up in the years to come, studying and going into specializations is a good investment for your future.

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