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What is a CNA?

The initials CNA stand for Certified Nursing Assistant. A Certified Nursing Assistant is the person who gives the most basic care giving to the patient: It may be a patient in a hospital ward, an elderly in his or her home or a nursing facility, or a hospice. The CNA will be required for cleaning the patient's room, changing the linings, feeding, bathing, or dressing patients who cannot do so for themselves, turning and repositioning bedridden patients to avoid bedsores, supervising the patients exercise routines, and much more. The certified nurse assistant position is one of the most vital positions in the healthcare system.

Certified Nurse Assistants are called also nurses' aides, patient care technicians, auxiliary nurses, healthcare assistants, healthcare support worker, and a few more job-descriptive names. This big variety just shows in how many settings they are needed, each setting having its own job descriptions, list of requirement and job title. Because of this big variety, the health authorities in North America decided to regulate this job by giving the nurse assistant training and certification.

What do CNA classes include?

In order to get a CNA certification, you have to pass a certified nurse assistant training class. In the CNA classes the CNA candidate goes through many hours of theory (at least 50 hours) and even more hours of supervised clinical training (at least 100 hours), and then pass the final test which will include both a written part covering the more theoretical aspects, and a clinical part.

The theoretical part of the CNA classes will include learning the basic emergency procedures, the basic skills of taking care of patients, how to help them without violating their privacy or taking away their self confidence, and the patient's rights. Other areas which will be touched during the CNA classes would be would be communication skills, including interpersonal skills for communicating with the "difficult patient", and collaboration with the rest of the health care team.

During the clinical part of the CNA classes the nurse assistant candidate will learn to apply the theoretical knowledge, and acquire a long list of skills required in the various settings in which CNAs are needed. These skills vary from changing bed linings to performing basic medical procedures and measurements, to providing personal care.

Where can you Find CNA Classes?

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CNA classes are offered by many universities and colleges, as well as by hospitals and nursing homes. The university and college programs will typically cost between few hundred dollars up to $2000, while some nursing homes will offer free CNA classes, for which there will typically be a long waiting list. Hospitals or other facilities which offer free CNA classes will usually offer you a job within these facilities (or require you to commit for such work in order to enter the free program), sometimes even during your wait for the CNA certification test.

Other common places for CNA training courses are the Red Cross and various religious charity centers. These places will typically charge around $800 for these courses. The Red Cross CNA classes are known for their quality of instructors and training, and the well structured programs. For these reasons some people will prefer investing the money and take these courses even when free CNA classes are offered in their area.

Online CNA Classes

As the main part of the CNA training is clinical, state-approved CNA programs will require the student's physical participation and are not given online. Though, for some people, attending these courses is not possible. Some of these people are already working as nursing assistants or personal care providers and cannot take the time off to participate. For these people, some institutions offer an online program. When completing such a program you may, in some of the states, challenge the CNA test. The downside of this option is that you are often given only one chance for this test, and if you fail on this one time exam you have no option to try again.

Some other institutions offer the CNA classes in 2 parts: the theoretical part can be taken online, while the clinical part is done by physical attendance.

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