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Achieving an Associate Degree in Nursing, foremost, is not a easy task. Taking this course and completing it needs hardwork, patience and perseverance. It caters to people who are definitely bent in rendering healthcare services to people who are usually sick, old and dying. Naturally, the pay, because of the job is relatively higher than other jobs. Truly, this career is not only an occupation but a profession in itself.

Yet, how does one really enjoy the recognition of being called as such? Firstly, one must understand that the studies for this degree will usually take about two years, and may be even longer – up to 4 years. The duration solely depends on the requirement of length and prerequisites as specified in the curriculum of the technical and community colleges offering the course. As expected, prerequisites or subject areas that need to be strictly taken include algebra, psychology, anatomy and physiology, microbiology and chemistry; So if these subjects have been tackled in the secondary level, acquiring ADN can be breezier than the usual.

An Associate Degree in Nursing means that an aspiring nurse will have to be trained to use theories, research-based and clinical-based knowledge in providing and rendering care to the three important entities in healthcare: the client, the family and the community. Aside from being flexible at times, the security of the job as well as the decent salary makes up for the rigorous educative process each nurse has to undergo. It is expected that upon completion of the course, the nurse will exhibit the technical skills needed to further advance as a staff in whatever healthcare setting. Additionally, this degree serves as a stepping stone towards entering the BSN program.

Expect the curriculum to tackle on the science of Nursing but it does not stop there because Nursing is also an art. The student will have to attend lessons in the classroom, skills laboratory as well as the clinical practice settings which are usually hospitals, nursing homes, clinics as well as other community-based facilities. Commonly, nursing students registered with program spend some significant number of hours, around 16 hours in the clinical area while 6 hours in the classroom.

Upon completion of the course, the students have already enhanced skills specifically in the acute and critical settings especially with vigor and focus as well as support from the academy and the family.

The good thing about an Associate Degree in Nursing is that through determination, one can become eligible to be recognized as a registered nurse after taking up the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX). This holds true in most states. What is more thrilling after such is one’s eligibility to again be recognized as an RN in different states depending on whether an endorsement is needed or another exam. In some cases, exams are no longer needed as the Nurse Licensure Compact Agreement states that a licensed nurse can practice her profession as a nurse as long as she holds permanent residency in one of the member states.

The degree has other similar programs like that of Associate of Applied Science in Nursing and Associate of Nursing. These three are absolutely entry-level college degrees so someone who has graduated straight from high school can register in the course. In most cases where career advancement is sought by older individuals, one can actually follow the bridging program offered by some schools of nursing. This means that you will have to work your way to an Associate Degree via a ladderized system. From an LPN, nurses can successfully have an Associate Degree in Nursing. The queue for the application for the program is really competitive; therefore, nurses who really want to have their crafts recognized are the ones who stay; ripe and ready for the NCLEX.

As expected, students will be taught on critical thinking while being culturally sensitive towards clients; being gender-sensitive is also tackled in the duration of the course. For the knowledge and skills to be put at work, even aspects of legal and ethical implications will be discussed. Additionally, courses on pathophysiology will be focused on. This particularly is important in dealing with the different patterns of ailments manifested by sick individuals. As expected, the students will have to grope and master concepts of prevention, cure, treatment and rehabilitation.

Apart from pathophysiology, pharmacology is also important. There are some states that will allow LPNs to give medications while there are those who do not allow. Nonetheless, it is still important to know the mechanism of action of drugs, the side effects and adverse reactions, dosages and nursing implications. In addition, the legal and ethical aspects of pharmacology will also be discussed in the curriculum. Ultimately, prime importance is given to the ability and capacity of a nurse to incorporate the nursing processes from Assessment, Diagnosis, Planning, Implementation and Evaluation in the work. Components of the basic assessment skills in the different systems are included in the curriculum. As future personnel, obtaining health histories is also essentially discussed.

While others will maintain the traditional way of schooling which is of course more rewarding and definitely way better because of the exposures experienced and the physical interaction amongst other aspiring nurses, there are those who pursue the online scheme to get an Associate Degree in Nursing You can find reputable online schools in the internet. The National Council of State Boards of Nursing is the best site; from there, you can find links to start with. Contrary to popular belief, nursing online courses still need clinical exposure. This is because theories are far different from skills so you will still find yourself visiting healthcare facilities; besides, this will be your prospective workplace anyway. The best thing however about this strategy would be you can juggle both work and schooling.

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