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What level of nursing degrees should be considered advanced? For nurses with an LPN certification, going on to an RN certification would be considered advancing their careers. If you have an Associate degree in nursing, continuing your education to a BSN is a challenging advancement, though one which no doubt will give a boost to the expectations you can have for your nursing degree.

Today, many nurses decide do not end their studies with a bachelors degrees. They go on to a Masters in Nursing degree and even a Ph.D. in nursing. Do we really need a doctorate degree in nursing? Some people argue that with this level of studies it is better to have a proper medical degree. True or not, the fact is that nurses with this level of education are scarce, and the demand for nurses with an advanced nursing degrees is rising.

Get Ahead with Graduate Nursing School The demand for nurses will continue to rise in the years to come. One big problem is that most nurses do not have specialized training and most nurses are not qualifies to go into graduate nursing school. If the demands for Registered Nurses (RNís) are great, the demands for nurses with masters or doctorate degrees are even greater... read more

Demystifying Masters in Nursing Programs: Varied Options to Choose From The world of Nursing is surely a competitive one and for a lot of the professional nurses, having an equal footing with others is good but being acknowledged on a much higher pedestal is quite frankly better... read more

Doctorate in Nursing The nursing profession has been very much in demand for the past few years. The increased life span and modern health technologies have added to the increasing shortage of nurses. The demand for nurses with specializations, masters and doctorate in nursing are expected to rise in the future... read more

Online PhD Nursing Programs As a nursing professional, if you are interested in pursuing a career in research, administrative positions in the health field or would like to delve deep into advanced clinical practices, then the right area of higher education for you is to opt for a PhD (doctoral) program in nursing... read more

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